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About the Blend Luxury Probate Division

Blend Luxury Real Estate presents you with its probate division. While all of our listings get the same treatment, our probate listings require additional skills that we are certified to carry out for you. These involve lots of probate court paperwork, timelines, specialties in the real estate contract itself, and court issues involving this property that we will sell for you.

It’s an emotional process for you and for us. We are typically the last ones in the house and make a real attempt every day to think of the homeowner who has passed away. What were they like? Did they cook? Did they tell jokes? Were they someone’s favorite person? Energy from that person lingers in a home, and we feel it and we respect it. And that’s why every day when we are attached to a property is a day we work with pride. We know that if we are involved, care will be taken. Details managed, and the last light turned out before locking the door will be by us.

Team: Kimberly Dotseth who is the broker and owner of Blend Luxury Real Estate is your guiding force through the entire probate listing. In addition to her, she works with another broker at her firm, Kerry Garnett. And there is a “back of the house” assistant to keep her paperwork in the right order.


In addition, her crew of housekeepers, repair people and a brilliant stager get the property ready for her photography team. Her real estate photographer is the best in San Diego.

You may read this and think, “I don’t need all of this for this house.” We definitely hear from people who simply want a house emptied and sold. Got it. We can do that, too. Every house is different, every seller is different. From a marketing standpoint, there are different levels of clean, from basic broom clean to spotless. We feel that presenting a home in its best light is better than presenting it in the dark. Buyers respond to our house prep and are willing to pay a top price for our listings. That’s a top price for you. As a fiduciary of an estate, it’s your job to get the most money for all assets. We are here to help you accomplish that mission.

Blend Luxury Real Estate was founded in 2007. Its probate division began formally in 2022 after years of listing probate properties.

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