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About Staging

Would you be willing to consider having us list for you an as-is property that is vacant, cleaned and staged…if we pay for all of it?

Our listings fly off the market when we make sure each drawer is completely empty, everything is gone and tidied up. Then thoroughly cleaned and finally staged.

The magic in our listings, even as-is homes that may need some love is our staging and our story telling about the home.

We can story tell without staging. But our stager is so great at her job that we pay her ourselves to get you more money.

Staging is one of the greatest ways to get you more money as a seller. And you are a fiduciary for an estate, so you are charged with getting the most money possibly. We have staged close to 200 homes and each has been glorious. They sell quickly, sometimes in a few days, and go to happy buyers.

Maximize the value of all assets, as the court will want you to do.

We can discuss staging in our listing presentation with you.

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