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Services Overview


We hold your hand a little or a lot to get your through your role in managing and winding down someone’s estate.

Typically we are hired as your listing agent as soon as the court grants you permission to sell a property on behalf of an estate. With that court permission comes a lot of work for you and we will jump in along the way with advice, reminders, documents and keep the process flowing.


Our goal is to get you to a point where you are ready to sell the property, which should be sold empty and clean to the highest bidder through the retail market of our real estate industry. We do not encourage you to sell to low bidders who are flippers.


We believe that each home represents love and care and we take all the from the deceased and bring it into the property through our work and special marketing touches. We make sure the buyer feels the joy of carrying on the stewardship of a property. Our buyers pay top dollar for our listings. Almost 100% of our business is through referral. We are glad you are here! Read on about what we can do for you.

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